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Trainwreck strain is a mind-bending, potent sativa with effects that hit like a freight train. Mexican and Thai sativas were bred with Afghani indicas to produce this Northern California staple, passing on a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma.



Trainwreck strain is a sativa-leaning cross between Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landraces. It has a sweet, yet spicy flavor with notes of lemon, pine, and earth. It’s a good strain to try if it’s a spacy and cerebral high you’re after, as Trainwreck is said to give a nice body buzz even. Great for medicinal use as well and perfect for those who lack an appetite.

Aside from hitting you quite hard with its potent high and immense THC content, Trainwreck is also well known for bending the mind and subtly altering reality (thankfully, nothing too drastic), especially in regards to the conceptualization of time and space.

This might turn day-smokers off, for Trainwreck certainly might not be suited for a focused work type of environment, but a strain like this is sure to win your heart if consumed on a day off or later in the evening post work as a way to unwind and relax.

Trainwreck weed’s initial effects are energizing, euphoric and uplifted, which then melt into a full-body relaxation that keeps your mind whirling and introspective, followed by the onset of tiredness and maybe even the desire to fall asleep.

Overall, the Trainwreck strain is a quintessential addition to your afterwork pot stash, and can end up being exactly what you need after a long day is coming to an end.

What Is Trainwreck?

Said to be produced in Northern California within the marijuana-famous Emerald Triangle (a.k.a. weed capital of America), Trainwreck is a cerebral and body buzzing hybrid strain that is a cross between three potent and pure landrace strains, including Mexican sativa, Thai sativa and Afghani indica. These three parental legends were dynamically combined, birthing Trainwreck as a result, which has a 65% sativa and 35% indica ratio.


All in all, Trainwreck is known to produce effects that are more consistent with a traditional sativa, but it also has a tendency to melt the body, eventually converting its high into an almost sedative and sleep inducing experience, after of course all the uplifting and energizing moments have taken place.

Its name is sometimes experienced in a negative light, but unlike the implication, Trainwreck will not make you lose sense of your mind, it might just alter time a little and produce light psychoactive effects.

Regular consumers of the Trainwreck strain have not reported feeling unaware of their body or out-of-control, rather this reefer joins you along a journey through your own mind and body. Sporting a THC content of 18-26%, Trainwreck is one of the more potent strains on the market, often achieving top spots on “Strongest Cannabis Strains” lists. Few types of herb can match the genetic purity and intriguing effects of this delicious hybrid, known for its distinctive aroma and mood-enhancing, yet relaxing results.

Trainwreck strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

As mentioned above, one of the characteristics that has caused Trainwreck to become such a world-famous strain, is its distinctive and immediately identifiable aroma and flavor. The minute you crack open your storage jar, the scent of lemon-lime will overwhelm you and the room you’re in, but this version is unlike most other citrus aroma strains.


Topped with notes of menthol and acidic sourness, nothing about the Trainwreck strain name or appearance would lead you to believe that this is actually how it smells, but the result is pleasant and unexpected, acting somewhat as a surprise for first-time triers of Trainwreck strain weed. The flavor is likewise satisfying, giving off a semi-spicy or even peppery tang that zings and zaps the taste buds, waking you up with its charming, pungent taste that hits with earthy and woodsy notes after the initial impact.

Appearance wise, you can tell Trainwreck strain produces a strong high just by looking at a single bud. The buds are often covered in a thick layer of frosty THC-packed trichomes, with little bits of resin that glimmer and sparkle each time the light hits it. The buds are beautiful with all their glam, but additionally they are a healthy and potent neon green in color, blended with sultry brassy orange and sometimes slightly red pistils that curl and twist amongst the sticky frost and bright sugar leaves.

Trainwreck strain Grow Info

The Trainwreck strain is of intermediate difficulty to cultivate, a positive aspect for many growers who might have a little experience, but certainly don’t consider themselves professionals. For beginning cultivators, Trainwreck might prove to be a pleasant challenge, if you want an option that will require some problem-solving, deep thinking and then direct action. For immensely experienced and professional growers, Trainwreck strain will be a breeze with its few cons and overall pros.

One con that seems to strike many who attempt to cultivate this cannabis, is a potential for becoming hermaphrodite, which will then require quick reaction to prevent a crop from becoming ruined. Additionally, Trainwreck strain weed tends to grow tall, which is characteristic of its sativa relations, so indoor growers must prepare adequate space within their grow rooms for a success story to occur.

No matter where the crop is grown, be sure to trim these girls regularly so that their leaves don’t spread out too much and overwhelm each other, in addition to consuming the space that they are located in.

Thankfully, Trainwreck has a high resistance towards everyday pests, mold, powdery mildew and diseases, which makes the maintenance on that side of the ordeal a bit less complicated. Outdoors and indoors grows are both suitable for this hefty strain, but Trainwreck strain weed typically takes longer to mature and then harvest when kept outside. If you do choose to go the all-natural route, be sure to only cultivate Trainwreck strain weed in a climate that is dry, yet kept away from frost.

Southern California is an example of a perfect location environmentally, although preferably further towards the coast and away from the desert, where temperatures can most definitely drop far below freezing. Indoors, Trainwreck strain  has been reported as successfully grown with the assistance of a variety of methods, including hydroponics and fertile soil. The flowering period for this ganja is 8-10 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around early to late October. Outdoor yields typically range around 25 ounces per plant, which is quite generous compared to the indoor harvest, which is around 18 ounces per square meter.

Trainwreck strain Effects

Due to buds that are completely saturated with such potent THC crystals, it is expected that the flower from Trainwreck can produce some intense effects, especially as the dosage is increased. With this considerable THC content, you certainly don’t need to worry about wasting your money, but for those who are desiring a little less of an impact, one or two hits would be plenty.

The high from Trainwreck is often separated into two categories; mind and body. Regarding the mind, the Trainwreck strain produces heavily cerebral effects that uplift the mood and spirit, while causing introspection and sometimes even mildly psychoactive moments. The body high of Trainwreck weed is the exact moment when you can tell that this strain is actually a hybrid and not pure sativa.

It causes the body to melt and turn into a bundle of euphoric bliss, relaxing and unwinding any physical pains you might experiencing, but still slightly bending reality in a way that doesn’t cause confusion or lack of control, but rather inhibits creation and positivity. Trainwreck might twist you into seeing reality out of the box, but this is something that can be especially beneficial. Discover new ways to live life with this revolutionary ganja.

Medical Benefits of Trainwreck strain

It is debatable whether or not Trainwreck is capable of assisting individuals suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety. Overall, it seems that possibly depression, stress and PTSD can be helped with this reefer, but those who have anxiety may want to choose a different strain for their medical needs, because of many patient reports claiming that this strain increased or even induced paranoia and panic attacks.

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

More than mentally, Trainwreck is wonderful at medically treating physical ailments, such as;

Trainwreck strain  is a relaxant and can induce a jelly-like sensation over the whole body, which many prescription medications fail to do for individuals who manage massive amounts of pain and stress in their joints, muscles, tendons, bones and more.

Possible Negative Effects of Trainwreck strain

Although, many reviews of this Trainwreck strain do claim that this marijuana has the ability to assist those who deal with anxiety and panic attacks, after reading many of the reviews from those who have directly tried this slightly psychoactive and hefty strain, it is obvious that many claim to not have enjoyed Trainwreck because they are prone to panic attacks and had an episode after consuming this cannabis.

It seems that overall, it is best for patients and consumers with a tendency to react negatively to THC heavy weed to stay away from Trainwreck, which can increase anxiety, paranoia and other uncomfortable experiences.

Trainwreck strain can be especially beneficial for certain personality types, but the portion of individuals who deal with strong mental conditions should choose something with a little less THC, possibly in the more indica dominant realm.

The other reported negative side effects are rather minimal and easily manageable, with dry mouth (cotton mouth) and dry eyes sometimes occurring after intake. Dry mouth is preventable by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high, which will also keep you hydrated making developing a headache less likely.

Keeping a bottle of moisturizing eye drops nearby when consuming cannabis is a wise idea, because then if your eyes become dry or itchy, these drops will take care of the problem with instant relief. Eye drops can be purchased inexpensively at most drug stores. As long as precautions are taken, the Trainwreck strain overall produces a pleasant high with minimal side effects, but if you get anxious easily beware, this strain is not for you.

Final Thoughts on Trainwreck Strain

Trainwreck strain is bound to settle your body and uplift your mind, bringing you into another realm with its strong THC content that causes just a little bit to go a very long way. We hope you have enjoyed this Trainwreck review and that you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the use of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the consumer and discretion should always be taken.

TrainWreck  strain genetics consist of Mexican (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), Afghani (Indica), making this strain a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Predominantly affecting the mind, patients can expect TrainWreck to provide a significant rush of adrenaline, coupled with a calming body buzz.

TrainWreck strain Considered to be Highly Potent

Despite TrainWreck being Sativa-dominant, it is known to provide medical marijuana patients with a nice mellow body melt (presumably from its Afghani genetics).

“In fact, a few dispensaries I have talked to recently stated that their patients were in love with TrainWreck, demanding it be in stock at all times.”

The Afghani in the genetics gives the TrainWreck plants more of an Indica look and grow-pattern, despite the effects being heavier on the Sativa side. The aroma from the Train Wreck strain instantly reminds you of ground pepper with a dash of sweetness.

The Trainwreck strain is very popular among patients suffering from ADHD, anxiety, stress, migraines, headaches, PTSD, and chronic aches and pain. Properly grown TrainWreck provides an intense head-high as well as a soothing couch-lock within a few seconds.

Some patients swear by Train Wreck, claiming it is the only marijuana strain they medicate with (when it is available at their local dispensary). Additionally, the Trainwreck strain is used by many to help them cope with joint pain and muscle stiffness.



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