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Sleestack strain, also known as “Sleestak” to many members of the cannabis community, is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the rare Shrom X Martian Mean Green strains.


About Sleestack strain

Named for the creepy lizard-people from the 1970s adventure show Land of the Lost, Sleestack strain is an out-of-this-world sativa-dominant hybrid. Conceived by DNA Genetics, the prolific breeders who have also given us Chocolope, Sleestack is a cross between Martian Mean Green and citrus-flavored Schrom. The result is a bud with a complex lemon aroma and a mostly awake, thoughtful high. Its THC content has been measured at between 15% and 25%.

Flowers of this potent strain tend to be visually underwhelming and smaller than average. The little nuggets tend to cling together in dense, popcorn-like clusters, with a fluffy, piecey bud structure that leans more toward the sativa end of the spectrum. The color of these flowers might just be the only area in which they impress, standing out with vibrant lime green leaves; some phenotypes of the strain also show off purple hues, courtesy of the pigment anthocyanin. The buds are twisted through with bold orange pistils and covered with icy, translucent trichomes.

A first whiff of Sleestack strain reveals its strong citrus aroma, passed on from parent strain Schrom. A closer inspection picks up on some astringent fumes of diesel as well. Grinding up the flowers, meanwhile, release the pungent scent of skunk. When it is combusted in a pipe or a joint, Sleestack strain smoke can be harsh and cough-inducing. This smoke carries has a citrus character with some ammonia, chemical-like flavors on the exhale.

Even as Sleestack’s high progresses, its cerebral vibe tends to persist. While some may feel an increased sense of physical relaxation, it isn’t typically enough to induce couchlock or to make users zone out. Those looking to burn off some of the bud’s energy can indulge in some light to moderate exercise — or if the vibe and the company are right, sex. Because of its tendency to inspire fast-paced thinking and giddiness, Sleestack may encourage conversation and camaraderie, even when shared with relative strangers. Because of its mostly upbeat, animated properties, Sleestack is recommended for consumption during the daytime, even as a wake-and-bake treat. If consumed before bed, it’s liable to keep smokers awake.

Sleestack strain head high can also have several applications for medical cannabis patients. Its initial sense of concentration may allow those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on single tasks. Its generally uplifted mood may also help to temporarily relieve some of the symptoms associated with stress and depression. The strain’s subtle physical properties may soothe pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or lupus. Sleestack strain is also known to induce the munchies, making it a good potential appetite stimulant for those struggling with hunger or satiety. Because it can bring about strong, recursive patterns of thinking, Sleestack strain is not a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Seeds of Sleestack strain are available from DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite a mostly sativa background, the strain’s plants tend to be short and bushy. Gardeners looking to bring out the buds’ full purple potential should expose their crops to temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees below average. Sleestack strain flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. At maturity, the strain offers between 32 and 46 and grams (or 1.1 to 1.6 ounces) of flower per square foot of plant.

It has been four decades since the massive cover-up occurred. Not a lot of people today know about the family that wound up somewhere out there – the Land of the Lost. It is a place that none of us could ever go to, except for that family who found themselves there. It is there that they came across humanoids called Sleestak strain.

But a few did know about that “incident” and in particular, some people from DNA Genetics. Hence, they named one of their strains after those vile-looking reptilian creatures.

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DNA Genetics has been around for ages, and when it comes to cannabis, they certainly know a thing or two. Unlike many others, they have the knowledge and expertise to create hybrids that truly sparks the inner creativity of people. Not only that, but such strain can also bring people to a state of unreal happiness and elation.

Using two strains – Schrom and Martian Mean Green – they created SleeStack strain. As one can surmise by now, it is a play on the fictional alien creatures in a popular TV series in the early 70s. Regardless, this is one potent strain that brings the best of Sativa effects to its users.

Information about SleeStack Strain:

ORIGIN Schrom and Martian Mean Green
EFFECTS Uplifted – 10
Euphoric – 9
Creative – 9
Relaxed – 9
Talkative – 7
Dry mouth – 4
Dry eyes – 2
Dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE Pungent, skunky, diesel
FLAVORS Sweet, skunky, diesel, pine
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Depression – 10
Fatigue – 9
Headaches – 6
Eye pressure – 6
PLANT HEIGHT 3-1/2 to 4 feet indoor, up to 6-1/2 feet outdoor
THC CONTENT % 15% to 25%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30%/70%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 18 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 18 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Warm climate
GROWTH LEVEL Easy to grow
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew


Anything that is too incredible has to be from another world. Some will cry divinity but let us stick to what we can see and touch. With SleeStack strain, one does not need to get on a space vessel to go to another realm or an alternate universe. Indeed, such is the potency of this hybrid which makes it sought after by hardcore users. But one thing to be clear about is that it does not cause psychedelic effects. Even so, it can be rather overwhelming, in a good way, that is.

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From its onset, a mad rush of electrically-charged sensation sweeps into the mind and the body. In as far as mood-swinging effects go, this is one of the most effective. Hence, its users feel good about themselves in no time at all. Such positivity leads to a general sense of happiness. For some, the effects may be too intense which leads to the point of elation. If there is ever a time to feel what it is like to come-from-behind and win a championship, this is it.

SleeStack Strain
SleeStack strain Effects – Image powered by

SleeStack strain is ideal for use in a social gathering. With friends, its effects include making people more talkative. Perhaps a little too much so be careful as secrets are meant to be just that. Rather than causing a foggy mind with unbearable buzzing, what the strain does, too, is to unlock creativity. People who use SleeStack strain will notice how ideas rapidly form in their mind.

All these incredible effects, at the start, hide the fact that the strain is also working down to the body. Pretty soon, users feel extremely relaxed. Most of the time, they are able to function. But some who overuse may find themselves in a couch-lock.


Such a potent strain and it is evident with its very pungent skunky odor with the distinct smell of fuel. From its scent alone, one can imagine how this fits the needs of hardcore users.


As extreme as its fragrance is, this is somewhat subdued by the sweet and pine flavors blending in with its aroma. Still, it may get a little bit of getting used to with this strain.

Adverse Reaction

We did mention that the strain is very potent and suggested that it was named after those weird green creatures. As such, one can expect this cannabis hybrid to be tough to handle. One thing we need to get out of the way first is that anyone who is going through a difficult time and having anxiety issues should avoid SleeStack strain. One of its side effects is that it can cause some people to have an elevated level of anxiousness.

SleeStack Strain
SleeStack strain Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

Other than that, there is virtually nothing to be worried about. Sure, some users may feel their eyes and mouth drying, but these are expected with the use of cannabis.


Great power comes with uncanny ability to destroy. No, far from obliterating us, what SleeStack strain can do well for medical cannabis users is to wipe away stress. PTSDdepression, and other mental disorders, they should watch out for this strain.

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Because one of its effects early on is to make people energetic, some users choose it to combat fatigue.


SleeStack strain grows well outdoor in an environment where there is plenty of sunshine. Be aware, though, that it does not tolerate excessive heat. At the same time, it does emit a pungent odor. As such, it may not be the best strain to grow if privacy is an issue.

SleeStack Strain
SleeStack Growing – Image powered by

The plant also thrives well inside the house. A little more work is needed such as trimming and pruning to keep it short as most growers would have limited space indoors.

Generally, the plant is easy to grow and ideal for beginners. Further making it easy is that it is resistant to mold and mildew.

Flowering Time


It takes around nine weeks before SleeStack strain is ready for the next phase of its growth. Once it reaches maturity, growers can expect 12 to 18 ounces of buds.


Lucky are those who can grow outdoor without trouble at all. At any rate, each of these plants can produce around 18 ounces of dark green buds covered with sparkling crystals. They should start to transition to bloom stage during the second to third week of October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own SleeStack strain ? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.

Sleestack Strain Review

The Sleestack strain is one of the most diverse marijuana strains you’ll ever come across. It takes a multitude of characteristics from other strains of the same family. Once you see or use it, you’ll discover that it has varying genetics with roots that can be easily traced to the landrace strains.

Due to this reason, users can enjoy a clean high with little to no adverse side effects. Sleestack strain does not only have a great flavor but it will also leave you feeling refreshed thanks to the citrus fruits, pine trees, earthy goodness, and lemons.

Scientists and researchers based in a Netherlands company called Soma seeds were the first to bring this amazing strain to light. Sleestack strain is among the most powerful haze strains created for marijuana consumers across the world.

The scientists employed professional and meticulous breeding styles to create this powerful cannabis strain. And their efforts have never gone unnoticed. Back in 2004, Sleestack strain was ranked first and took home the Cannabis Cup. This also happened in 2012 after it took home the Sativa Cup.

Sleestack weed has won the hearts and minds of most marijuana users across the world. And it will continue winning in the years to come or even decades. Today, you can purchase this amazing Sativa in the majority of coffee shops based in Amsterdam. If you want to use it for medicinal and recreational purposes, there are lots of dispensaries in the US that have it.

Demystifying The Sleestack Cannabis Strain

The majority of users usually refer to this cannabis strain as a unique ultra-hybrid. As we said earlier, this strain which is normally classified as Sativa has a dynamic and diverse line of genes and Sativa effects. One of the aspects that proves this point is the care and precision that the scientists based in the Netherlands took to produce and bring this beautiful lady to life.

Sleestack weed strain is a perfect mixture of different genetics with its famous profile tracing its roots to Martian Mean Green and Schrom plus other close relatives like Hawaiian Sativa, Haze Sativa, Afghani Sativa, Cambodian Sativa, South Asian Sativa, and Thai Sativa.

As you’ve probably noticed, all the plants related to Sleestack Haze are landrace strains. And this could be the reason why it delivers a clean and pure high with little to no side effects, unlike other Sativa.

Although this amazing strain is predominantly made of Sativa genetics, there is a small traceable amount of indica that has been fused in. At the moment, the Sativa to indica ratio stands at around 80:20. Due to this small indica addition, the Sleestack strain delivers a balanced and almost perfect high that helps in managing paranoia, anxiety, and jitters.

Also, it has a THC level of 15 to 25%. This means that you should expect this well-developed strain to deliver a perfect hit home. If you’ve ever heard of the one-quarter hit, this strain belongs to this category.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

One of the most overwhelming characteristics of Sleestack cannabis is its aroma which is usually earthy and pungent. If you like smoking this wax in your room, this smell is going to be all over. You’ll notice how these earthy notes start blending into lemon, citrus and at times, pine hints. This eventually creates a well-rounded and full-bodied profile.

The taste of this strain is very close to its scent. However, it possesses a slightly sweetened hint that will send your taste buds into a world of pleasure and ecstasy. Its smoke is buttery but harsh. You are going to feel how easy it travels into your lungs. Expect a few coughs after this but you are going to enjoy the experience.

The appearance of this popular strain is similar to that of ganja – dull and compressed sugar leaves with sprinkled orange pistils. Even with this look, Sleestack Haze looks amazing with grey, pale green or saggy sugar leaves. Between these crystalline leaves, you’ll find soft pistils that curl and mix with the buds.

This plant has a medium to tall height. And possesses a branch structure similar to Sativa plants. It also has separate colas that extend from the growing stalks.

How To Grow Sleestack Cannabis?

Unfortunately, Sleestack Cannabis is not the easiest marijuana plant to grow. It’s difficult to cultivate this crop because its production process is reserved mainly for professional or experienced cultivators. If you have been searching for a challenging strain to grow, this one is ideal for you.

The Sleestack strain is truly a paradox because it grows well in a sunny and balmy Mediterranean-like climate. And this is quite challenging to recreate if you’re planning to grow it indoors. However, it doesn’t like pests. And this makes it easier for you to grow indoors.

If you are fortunate to live in a sunny and balmy environment with Mediterranean conditions, everything will be easy for you. All you’ll need to do is monitor your crops regularly to avoid pests. Since most growers are not very fortunate to reside in areas with the conditions listed above, recreating them indoors is extremely difficult. Also, the humidity needs to be kept low while still maintaining some heat.

Growing this crop is cannot be considered as a low-maintenance venture because it takes around nine weeks to flower. Indoor harvests are normally 21 ounces of bud per meter squared while outdoor can yield extra harvests at 25 to 36 ounces per crop. All in all, growing this crop is not easy. But if you like taking on challenging projects, this one is ideal for you. In the end, what is hard will be greatly rewarded. As the popular saying goes, nothing good comes easy.

End Result: The High

You might be thinking that Sleestack will make it impossible to get on your two feet when you’re high. But this is not the case. This wonderful strain tends to make the mind receptive and creative. When you’re high, you should not be surprised to be overly energized or motivated.

Primarily, this strain is used as a medicine especially for people who always walk around with grave faces. A smile is all you need to conquer the world. And this strain will make you feel blissful. You should expect to giggle a lot when you’re high.

While this CBD strain is extremely energizing, it does not leave behind inducing effects like most marijuana strains. And this makes it not only suitable but also essential for an evening party or gathering because after using it, you’ll have the right amount of energy to do your activities.

The energy won’t be a lot to help you catch some sleep afterward. You can also consume it in the morning or mid-morning so that you can generate the necessary energy required to keep things going.

Medical Benefits

Sleestack has several medical benefits that patients can utilize to feel better. It’s commonly used by patients who have attention deficit disorders. Since it energizes users, it helps them concentrate on single tasks or activities. People with mood disorders will also greatly benefit from consuming this product.

If you are suffering from depression of the downside of Bipolar Disease, you can quickly recover by consuming this pot because it digs deep to help you feel joyful and happy.

Additionally, if you are stressed out, you’ll forget about it after consuming this strain thanks to its mild relaxation effects which calm tensions in the body and help you focus on the present moment.

This magical strain has the power to keep you energized, motivated and creative especially when you’re stressed out in the workplace or you simply can’t find that creative spark to keep you going.

If you have mood disorders, it’s best to avoid consuming a lot. Keeping the amounts average and familiar will help you manage yourself better. Remember, consuming too much THC can result in anxiety and paranoia regardless of the marijuana strain you consume. Therefore, it’s best to stick to your limits to enjoy the experience.

People experiencing chronic pain, lack of appetite and fatigue can greatly benefit from this strain which has a strong numbing agent and an energizer that will make you crave for food while keeping you energized in the long run.

For people who want to experience the full of effects of this strain, all they need to do is increase the dosage. If smoking affects you, there are other alternatives for you on the table. At the moment, the majority of dispensaries sell extracts and edibles of this strain.

Negative Side Effects

This strain has a few side effects which include dry mouth and eyes, nausea, dizziness, and paranoia. However, most of these effects appear on rare occasions. Having a bottle of water and eye drops close will help you prevent most of these adverse strain effects.

Final Thoughts

If you are currently struggling with a lack of appetite, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue, you might find it extremely difficult to get motivated during the day. However, using this strain will not only keep you energized but also creative the entire day. When using this strain, it’s important to exercise caution to avoid suffering in the long run.

Buy SleeStack Strain | 100% good quality|  Buy SleeStack Strain | 100% good quality

Buy SleeStack Strain | 100% good quality|  Buy SleeStack Strain | 100% good quality


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