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Sensi Star strain is a potent indica marijuana strain. The effects of this strain will make you feel relaxed and sedated from head-to-toe. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should use caution when smoking Sensi Star, as THC levels have been reported as high as 20%. Growers say this strain has crystal trichomes that sparkle against dark green and purple coloration. Sensi Star can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia.


All About Sensi Star Strain

Sensi Star strain is an indica dominant kush with relaxing effects caused by crossing two mysterious strains that were bred by Paradise Seeds. Some have extracted wax and CBD oil from this strain for their consumption.
It is one of the leading cannabis strains and has 65% Indica rate and the remaining 45% is taken away by Sativa.

Because of its Indica dominance, you should smoke it around bedtime to avoid being sluggish during the day when there is a lot that needs to be done. Its THC content is not astronomically high but nevertheless, this weed is still very potent and regarded as a one-hitter quitter.

All potency is locked in by the thick layer of sticky trichomes surrounding the buds. Sensi Star has won the show for 3 years in total at the High Times Cannabis Cup. In 1999, 2000 and 2005, this kush won some prestigious awards for its potency. You can use Sensi Star for depression, sleeping and eating disorders as well as nausea.

Strain Cannabinoids

THC: 12.8 – 16.8%
CBD: 0.46 – 1.12%
CBC: 0.1 – 1.13%
CBG: 0.12 – 2.2%
CBN: 0.09 – 0.23%
THCV: 0.25 – 1.83%
Use Time: Evening
Side Effects: Paranoia, Anxiety, Low blood pressure, Heightened sensory perception
Common Usage: Anorexia, FibromyalgiaMuscular dystrophyPMSMigraines
Terpenes: MyrceneCareneCamphene
Taste: CitrusPinePungentSweetWoody
Color: Green

Grow info

Flowering time: 49-56 Days
Harvest time: 60-67 Days
Yield indoor: 2-4 oz/ft2
Yield outdoor: 4-6 oz/ft2
Height indoor: 60-80 Inches
Height outdoor: 60-80 Inches
Grow difficulty: Difficult
Flowering type: Photoperiod
Sensi Star strain is a true star of a strain, finishing in the top ranks of high-THC strains with an average of 26% THC. That being said, it’s great for all sorts of problems from fibromyalgia to mood disorders like depression. It even has a little CBD, so it can really help the physical pain aspects of certain conditions. Sensi Star tastes heavenly as well, with notes of pine, lavender, and lemon!

There are several hundred marijuana strains to choose from, even more if you have the time and patience! While every strain that has become a commercial success offers something to users, it is fair to say that there are top-shelf strains, and then there is the rest. It seems clear that Sensi Star falls into the ‘top shelf’ category, as it has been placed in the High Times Cannabis Cup awards on several occasions.

What is Sensi Star strain?

Marketed as one of the most potent indica strains in the world, Sensi Star is actually an indica-dominant (70%) hybrid. With a THC content that can hit 26%, it is unquestionably one of the strongest marijuana strains you’ll get your hands on. It was initially released in 1995 and ‘improved’ two years later by Paradise Seeds. Overall, Sensi Star has won 15 awards in its illustrious history, and remains a favorite of weed lovers almost a quarter of a century after its release.

Sensi Star strain Aroma, Taste, and Appearance

Expertly grown Sensi Star has hard colas and its buds are so resinous that the crystals almost glow in the dark against a dark green and purple coloration. It smells like fresh pine coupled with an invigorating spicy note. You will notice the aroma almost immediately because this strain contains numerous terpenes, including:

  • Myrcene: Helps provide the delightful herby scent.
  • Terpinolene: Offers a citrus aroma and is used for its antibacterial, sedative, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Linalool: Known for its lavender aroma, linalool is used to treat epilepsy and is said to have anti-anxiety properties.
  • B-Caryophyllene: This spicy terpene is akin to the taste of black pepper and is used as a cancer inhibitor.
  • Limonene: Offers a citrus flavor and is said to boost metabolism.

Sensi Star tastes of sweet lemon, albeit with added pine! It is an easy strain to smoke and leaves a gorgeous, sweet aftertaste.

Sensi Star strain Grow Information

Sensi Star strain is a relatively easy strain to grow, even for novices. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, and it thrives in either soil or a hydroponics system. If you decide to grow Sensi Star strain inside, consider using the Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) methods to boost the yield.

Sensi Star strain grows short, fat, and stout, with bushy branches that carry dense indica buds. As a result, you may need to trim the branches. Make sure you don’t expose this strain to excessive moisture, or else you risk bud rot and mold. Sensi Star strain likes a controlled, dry climate with daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you grow indoors, the flowering time is 8-9 weeks, and you should get 12 ounces of bud per square meter. As long as you keep this plant away from frost, it should thrive outdoors. It normally harvests by the beginning of October and provides up to 14 ounces of bud per plant.

Sensi Star strain Effects

Sensi Stars train is a strain that makes you feel as good as the strain looks! As well as possessing an extremely high THC level, Sensi Star hits you like a freight train, and the high comes on just as rapidly. You will feel an almost immediate sense of relaxation throughout the entire body. Indeed, the cerebral high is so potent that we wouldn’t recommend Sensi Star to new users. If you are inexperienced, Sensi Star strain will probably impact you to the point where it will be hard to perform daily tasks.

After the potent head high comes the soothing and relaxing body high. The uplifting feeling is strong and is likely to boost your mood. Sensi Star strain is definitely a strain for the evening or night time. Once you consume large amounts, it acts as a sedative and should help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Medical Benefits of Sensi Star

If you are searching for top-grade medical marijuana, look no further than Sensi Star strain. It is one of the most popular medicinal varieties of weed because it can help patients live a better, more comfortable life. It is widely regarded as one of the best ‘stress busting’ marijuana strains. If you have chronic stress, try some Sensi Star strain in the evening and allow the weight of the world to climb off your shoulders.

Although it contains just 0.2% of CBD on average, Sensi Star strain is said to be a powerful analgesic. It is often used by patients in need of relief from chronic pain; individuals with fibromyalgia, for example, may find Sensi Star strain useful, as would those with back pain, muscle spasms, and joint pain. As it is such a powerful strain, Sensi Star strain is also highly sought-after by patients with anxiety and depression. If your mood is best described as ‘black,’ perhaps Sensi Star can help lift you from the doldrums?

Possible Negative Side Effects of Sensi Star strain

As always, negative side effects associated with this strain depend entirely on the user. For example, you may find that you have a dry mouth, along with dry and itchy eyes. There is also a possibility of dehydration which causes headaches, so make sure you drink plenty of water when using this strain.

The other thing to consider is the potency of Sensi Star strain. Newcomers will probably find it too hot to handle, and even experienced users can suffer if they use too much. Side effects linked with Sensi Star’s potency include dizziness, mild headaches, possible paranoia, and heightened anxiety.

Final Thoughts on this Marijuana Strain

If Sensi Star strain  is the first strain you’ve ever used, don’t be surprised if it knocks you to the canvas with the power of a prime Mike Tyson hook. It is one of the strongest indica-dominant hybrids on the market and is known for its glorious sticky resin and colors. It is often classified as an ‘old school’ strain, but as it continues to be discovered by cannabis lovers, there is no danger of this multi-award-winning marijuana strain being forgotten. With an awesome ability to help you relax and forget your worries, Sensi Star strain can replace your evening beer or glass of wine.

About Sensi Star

Sensi Star strain is an award winning Indica dominant hybrid that smells of a coniferous forest and a citrus lemon; which is similar to the taste of the strain. This strain has been called a “one-hit quitter” and is often recommended to patients with a high tolerance. Most feel high instantaneously with cerebral effects starting right after the first hit that lifts spirits and fills users with a sense of euphoria. Soon afterwards most feel a strong body high that relaxes muscles. These effects are often accompanied with a lazy haze that can make it hard to focus. Some also find the strain can make them feel very tired. Users should be wary of the common side effects; dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

Often the choice for those looking to alleviate their chronic aches and pains, many find this strain can make even severe pain manageable. Recommended for afternoon, evening and night time use Sensi Star strain may be used to reduce stress, the sleepless nights of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Some use it to generate an appetite or to fight the effects of migraines, headaches and glaucoma.

Sensi Star strain was created by the crew at Paradise Seeds and they have not released the full truth of this strain’s genetics. They have stated that it is mostly Afghani Indica but the strain most definitely contains some Sativa in her lineage (we estimate it at 35 percent). Growing well in the Sea of Green technique; Sensi Star strain flowers for about seven weeks. Indoor this strain can yield up to 450 grams per plant, though reportedly it can produce up to three and a half pounds when grown properly. It does well when grown with a hydroponics setup. Sensi Star strain usually tops out at a height of six feet.

Sensi Star strain is a mid-’90s creation from Paradise Seeds in Amsterdam. Its exact lineage remains a mystery, though Paradise has revealed that the strain’s genetics lean heavily toward its Afghan heritage.

This strain is the winner of more than a dozen awards, (including first place Bio at Highlife Cannabis Cup in 1999, third Place at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, and first Hydro at High Life Cannabis Cup in 2010.

Sensi Star is a dominant Indica variety strain that has a strong Indica high. It has an incredibly high THC concentration that starts from 20 percent. It has a very unique and pungent aroma that sometimes seems sweet. Its aroma has a hint of citrus and earthy flavors as well. The strain has a mossy appearance that has a greenish and rust color. Sensi Strain has a good taste that is a mixture of earthy and citrus flavors. The positive effects of this strain are amazing. It has a strong calming effect on your nerves, making you feel happy and euphoric at the same time. You feel relaxed after smoking Sensi Star. It can also make you feel creative. Sensi Star is great for treating anxiety and depression of different kinds. You can also use it for curing hyperactivity. It is useful for inattentiveness and helps in improving focus and concentration on things. You can smoke Sensi Star when you are suffering from migraines, pain, insomnia and a loss in appetite. It has little to no side effects. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but is mostly grown indoors and has a germination period of 60 days.


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