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Golden Goat strain is notable for making users feel euphoric and creative. It’s also great for reducing fatigue and stress while lifting your mood. Golden Goat is a Sativa-dominant cross between a male Hawaiian-Romulan and a female Island Sweet Skunk. This strain is reported to have been created in Kansas as a result of an unplanned pollination event between the Hawaiian father and Sweet Skunk mother, and first made available in Colorado in 2009.


About this Hybrid Strain

The cannabis strain Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a spicy yet citric fragrance. Its name bears resemblance to its appearance at harvest: fuzzy light green leaves and golden buds that sometimes bear a hint of pink.

Its flavor and smell have been reviewed to be either similar to a tropical fruit, a lemon zest with a spicy undertone, or a tangy, earthy, herbal.

It’s THC level is 23% (with a CBD level of about 1.07%), making it a potent strand. Its high can last up to two hours and it’s known to induce a relaxing sensation, uplifting one’s mood and inducing creativity. However, it’s been reviewed positively on a large scale as “exceptional” if consumed properly. Golden Goat won 3rd Place under “Best Medical Hybrid” in the 2014 Cannabis Cup from the Green Solution in Colorado where it’s become a local favorite.

Dry mouth and eyes along with paranoia or dizziness are known to be this strain’s negative side-effects.

It takes about nine weeks to harvest but can be reaped at up to 11 weeks to improve potency and yield.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 23%
CBD: 1%


Golden Goat’s parents are a male cross-bred Hawaiian-Romulan and a female Island Sweet Skunk. Despite its parents’ origins, Golden Goat first blossomed in Topeka, Kansas after accidental pollination took place.


Golden Goat - Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Romulan - Indica Cannabis Strain



Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is the result of an inadvertent cross of Island Sweet Skunk and the Hawaiian Romulan strain. The Hawaiian influences are incredibly dominant with the strain’s sweet, fruity, and tropical flavor profile.

Become the life of the party with the joy-bringing Golden Goat marijuana strain…

Known for being uber-popular in Colorado, this marijuana strain is said to have actually originated in neighboring Kansas. Funnily enough, the Golden Goat strain is believed to have been accidentally created.

This serendipitous bit of breeding occurred when a male Hawaiian/Romulan inadvertently pollinated a female Island Sweet Skunk strain. And thus, the Golden Goat was born.

Keep reading to discover all the incredible characteristics of the Golden Goat marijuana strain in the complete WayofLeaf review…


What Is the Golden Goat Strain?

The Golden Goat strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 65:35 sativa to indica ratio. Golden Goat is renowned for its vibrant, colorful appearance and its mouth-wateringly sweet, tropical aroma.

Most recreational consumers of this strain describe Golden Goat’s effects as mildly psychedelic, uplifting, energizing, and euphoric. To begin with, Golden Goat consumers may experience a heightened perception of both auditory and visual stimuli. For experienced cannabis consumers, this shouldn’t be too disconcerting, and may even be a pleasant experience. However, novice consumers may find these effects a little unsettling.

Many describe Golden Goat as a classic creeper strain due to the relatively slow onset of its sativa effects.

Golden Goat’s more uplifting and energizing effects can take a little time to kick in. If you do decide to consume this strain, be patient, and allow time for its effects to take hold. Be careful not to try and force matters by overindulging on this strain, as you may experience some unpleasant side effects as a result. We will discuss some potential adverse reactions in more detail in the ‘Possible Side Effects’ section below.

Golden Goat consumers are getting the best of both worlds with this hybrid. As the sativa effects begin to dissipate over time, its relaxing and mellow indica effects come more to the fore. The good news is that most consumers of this strain experience gentle relaxation rather than a feeling of sedation. As long as you don’t overindulge on this strain, you should not experience any unwanted couchlock effects.


When the scent of Golden Goat hits your nose, it can be best described as a refreshing hit of fragrant citrus. It is offset by an earthy twist that almost reminisces a sugary bark.


The taste of this cannabis strain is similar to its citrusy, earthy, and sweet aroma. However, it does lean a bit more towards the tropical-fruity elements of its Hawaiian genetics.


For those familiar with cannabis types, it is safe to say Golden Goat is clearly related to a Hawaiian sativa. This can be recognized because of its distinct coloration, which displays shades of light green and even pink. This vibrant color combination has an almost neon appearance.

Golden Goat possesses a frosty-coating of rich trichomes. These THC crystals cover the plant’s surface and glisten beautifully in the light.

Golden Goat Grow Info

Would-be Golden Goat growers need to be aware that it is a clone-only strain. To grow this strain, you will need to obtain clippings from a mature female Golden Goat plant. Experienced Golden Goat growers rate its grow difficulty as moderate, which may make it unsuitable for novice cannabis cultivators


It’s possible to grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. However, as a Golden Goat plant can grow to 78 inches in height, most agree that it is better suited to outdoor growing. If growing this plant outdoors isn’t an option, then make sure to allow for adequate indoor grow space.

Another reason why Golden Goat is better suited to outdoor growing is that it does best in temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are growing this plant indoors, then these same conditions need to be recreated. It is particularly important to pay attention to your grow room’s humidity level when growing this plant.

Golden Goat growers say that it is essential that the plant’s roots have enough room to flourish and grow. They also say that as the plant is quite branchy, training and regular pruning is necessary.

The good news is that Golden Goat plants are naturally highly resistant to disease and only require moderate feeding. These plants tend to flower in 9-10 weeks, and late October is the ideal time for outdoor harvesting.

Successful outdoor yields will reward the grower with around 14 ounces of dry herb per plant. Indoor growers are looking at a return of approximately 16 ounces per square meter.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest reported THC content recorded in a Golden sample is approximately 23%. The typical THC range for most Golden Goat strains is between 16-23%. On average, Golden Goat will have a THC level of around 19.5%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Golden Goat strain generally has a very low CBD content. Most Golden Goat strains will have a CBD content of around 1% or less. Reportedly, the highest CBD content recorded in a Golden Goat sample was only 1.42%.

Medical Benefits of the Golden Goat Strain

Medical marijuana doctors can’t prescribe specific strains to any of their patients. However, if they could, Golden Goat would likely be one of their most prescribed strains. This is because, anecdotally, some believe that the Golden Goat strain has several potential health benefits.

Firstly, some Golden Goat consumers say that they find this strain useful for temporarily relieving the negative symptoms of depression. As mentioned earlier, this strain has an uplifting effect in its initial stages, which can improve one’s mood.

Golden Goat has relaxing effects in its latter stages, which may help those suffering from stress to unwind.

According to Golden Goat consumers, this strain is reportedly energizing and revitalizing, to begin with. This may make it suitable for those who are trying to recharge because of chronic fatigue or insomnia. However, these energizing effects are relatively short-lived and tend to dissipate before a feeling of relaxation sets in later.

Some say that Golden Goat has relatively moderate analgesic properties. Therefore, it may temporarily alleviate chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain for some consumers.

Possible Side Effects of the Golden Goat Strain

The most commonly experienced side effects of the Golden Goat strain are dry mouth and dehydration. This is, of course, easily manageable with a little extra preparation and planning.

Remember to drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after consuming cannabis. Drinking water helps to prevent dry mouth and dehydration. It also helps to reduce any headaches or next day grogginess caused by smoking marijuana.

Some Golden Goat consumers may experience heightened paranoia and dizziness, particularly if they overconsume on this strain. A very small fraction of users say that they have felt more anxious after consuming the Golden Goat strain.

Final Thoughts on the Golden Goat Strain

While all that glitters is not gold, the Golden Goat strain is as much substance as it is style. Its eye-catching vibrance attracts the attention, but its effects are what keeps its consumers coming back for more.

With the Golden Goat strain, you are getting the best of what a hybrid strain has to offer. Uplifting and energizing initial effects followed by mellow relaxation, without any couch locking or heavily sedative effects.

The only downside is that it isn’t suitable for everyone. Novices should leave this one to more experienced cannabis lovers due to its relatively high THC content and mild psychedelic effects.

Top Cannabis Strains You Can Consume Now

Legal marijuana has been shaking up the globe every year. There are so many people who are making attempts to get into the cannabis industry and believe it or not, anyone can do so. However, the marijuana market does have competition that you might have to deal with. For that reason, most cannabis consumers are unable to wade through the competition to find the top cannabis strains and products. This is where we come in to make it easier for the consumer.

Keeping Track

Even if you are a loyal stoner, it can get quite overwhelming for you to keep track of the top cannabis strains available today. Yes, you might know about the popular OG Kush, Blueberry and Sour Diesel, but what about the new cannabis strains that have made their way on the market and have not been discovered by new stoners and experienced weed smokers? Newcomers are going to see this as a challenge as they try to learn the marijuana terms such as THC, CBD, cannabinoids, THCA and more. It will take time to become familiar with the various cannabis strains and all you need to know about the industry at large. Below is an overview of the top cannabis strains that you can consume right now and get the high you are going for. Check them out.

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is one of those cannabis strains that pack a lot of heat. In fact, it can go up to 20% in THC content. This is the kind of cannabis strain that gives a soothing and calming effect and it is loved by many PTDS military veterans and patients. It carries a delicious and sweet taste and aroma.

Durban Poison

If you are looking for one of the most special cannabis strains that have become quite popular among many stones, then Durban Poison would be highly recommended. This is a sativa strain and one of the purest on the cannabis market. It has ore THC content and a little CBD content, which does not change its potency. This is one of the cannabis strains that has its roots from South Africa.

Golden Goat

If you use a glass pipe to smoke your weed, you would do well with Golden Goat, which is one of the cannabis strains that fit well in a pipe. It hits hard and is intoxicating. If you are a new marijuana smoker, make sure that you go easy on this one or you will have mild paranoia for doing too much. Your heart will also race if you overdo it.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

When you are shopping for cannabis strains, you should consider the Alaskan Thunderfuck. Once you hear the name, you know that it has some essential traits to get you stoned. Yes, it has a provocative high with a hint of lemon and pine. Some people call it “Matanuska Thunderfuck.”

Bruce Banner #3

This is one of the cannabis strains that’s an alter ego to the Hulk strain. It has a powerful effect and is a hybrid strain that people might use at parties. The Bruce Banner #3 is partly spice and partly fruity. It has a tasty flavor and tends to get you in a mellow and tranquil mood.

Granddaddy Purple

Ken Estes and the Granddaddy Purple strain are always talked about in the same conversation. In fact, Ken Estes, an activist created this strain. It is an indica strain that patients use to reduce pain. It is also good for insomnia. Be sure you are near to your bed when you smoke this strain.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the cannabis strains that you can consume now and it has gotten popular because of its sweet taste. You can do no wrong if you choose this strain. It should be chosen by stoners who smoke on a daily basis. It is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is calming and is an ideal match for anyone; whether a novice or veteran.

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The festive season is associated with seeing friends and family, excessive eating, and alcohol consumption. It is also one of the most boring times of the year!

Do you belong to a family where it is traditional to spend time with in-laws, aunts, uncles, and cousins? If so, you’ll probably need something to help you get through the ordeal.

Then there is the other side of the coin. For those who don’t have family or many friends, the holiday season is a time of profound loneliness. Perhaps this is the reason why the suicide rate is higher than at any other time of year. The cold and bitter weather also doesn’t help matters. It forces you to remain indoors watch endless reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Fortunately, cannabis is around to help! At least, it is available legally in a select group of locations. We have compiled five fantastic cannabis strains to help you get through the holiday season.

1 – Space Jill

If you need an energy boost to ensure your productivity and creativity levels don’t dwindle, try this sativa-dominant (70%) hybrid. TGA Genetics created it. Space Jill probably includes Space Queen genetics. With a THC content ranging from 19% to 28%, Space Jill can take your mind into the cosmos without impacting your life on Earth!

The holiday season is needlessly stressful, as rampant consumerism turns it from a festival of happiness into pure hell. Thankfully, Space Jill can help you become more focused on the two million tasks that come your way. If you need to pick up a turkey, drop by your aunt’s house with cards, purchase a tree, and listen to Uncle Earl’s anecdotes about the war, you’ll be thankful for the energy boost provided by Space Jill.


This marijuana strain is also a real mood booster and can help keep negative thoughts at bay. Initially, you’ll probably feel a sense of euphoria, followed by sheer joy. The fruity, sweet taste makes Space Jill a joy to smoke. The sweet scent ensures you can’t wait to try some more.

You can use this strain to help with chronic stress, chronic pain, and nausea. Although it provides a powerful high, it keeps your mind clear, making it a viable daytime strain. If you elect to grow Space Jill, know that it is extremely resistant to mold and diseases.

2 – Blue Hawaiian

You may be surprised to see this strain on the list. After all, when one thinks of the festive season, Hawaii is not near the top of your thoughts. However, its scent resembles Christmas trees and offers the merest hint of pine.


Most importantly, Blue Hawaiian not only makes family tolerable, but it also enables you to enjoy their company! Jordan of the Islands created this balanced hybrid. It is a cross of a Hawaiian Sativa and Blueberry, with a THC content of up to 20%.

Typically, Blue Hawaiian offers a 50/50 mix of sativa and indica. However, some variants of the strain are extremely sativa-dominant (up to 90%!) One thing you’ll notice is that this strain’s effects creep up slowly but surely. Newbies’ common mistake is to smoke too much Blue Hawaiian because the high can take several minutes to arrive. Once it hits, you’ll feel happy, and your body becomes overwhelmed with a sense of complete relaxation.

If you’re not used to the psychedelic effects of weed, you may experience visual distortions. For everyone else, it is best to use Blue Hawaiian in the morning. It will set you up to survive a day of tedious conversation! In the medical arena, patients with depression often use this strain. If you get a 50/50 version, the indica aspects of the plant will also provide a semblance of pain relief.

3 – Fire OG

If you’re a ‘build a snowman outside, let’s roast some chestnuts by the open fire’ kind of person, Fire OG is the strain for you. It is akin to throwing a tree filled with decorations into a wood chipper and smoking the result. It has a taste that’s the essence of the holiday season. It is an indica-dominant (70%) hybrid with a THC content of up to 24%.


It is a super hybrid because it is a cross of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. If you’re in dire need of relaxation after a hard day, Fire OG should be your go-to strain. Best of all, the high lasts for several hours. This is more than enough time to get through a terse festive dinner with relatives you don’t particularly like. Some users say they feel energized initially, but soon the indica effects take over and enable them to relax.

Eventually, Fire OG will make you feel sleepy and ensure you get an amazing night’s sleep. It is a pleasant strain to look at. It gets the name from the bright orange hairs it possesses. Also, it tastes as good as it looks with a spicy and piney flavor. In the medical field, Fire OG is popular among patients with chronic pain. You can also use it to try and get a handle on insomnia or depression.

4 – Purple Voodoo

Some say this strain is like finding the gift you wanted, moments after believing you were not getting anything good. Purple Voodoo is by far the least potent strain on the list. It has a THC content of just 7%, against a CBD level of around 1%. As a result, this balanced hybrid is an excellent option for new users.


Purple Voodoo was created in California and is a cross of Purple UrklePurple Diesel, and Double Purple Doja. Consequently, it provides you with a wonderful grape flavor. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing strains we have ever reviewed. It is not an especially strong strain by modern standards. Nonetheless, Purple Voodoo provides ample cerebral effects while ensuring you remain focused and invigorated.

If you’re a new user, you may feel giggly at first. It is a great social strain. Purple Voodoo can even help you breeze through that family dinner you’ve been dreading for months. You’ll find yourself feeling relaxed, talkative, and completely at ease with the company you keep at the time.

Purple Voodoo’s ability to boost your mood means it is useful for depression and social anxiety. It also contains enough CBD to help with conditions such as muscle spasms.

5 – Bubble Gum

When the opportunity arises to go out and socialize during the holiday season, consider trying Bubble Gum. Users claim that the rapid cerebral high, coupled with the initial energy boost, makes it a great strain to get you in the mood to dance or talk.

It is an extremely popular balanced hybrid with a THC content of up to 19%. It originated in Indiana in the 1970s. It eventually came to the East Coast and also became popular in Amsterdam’s coffee shops.

Bubble Gum won a pair of awards at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. It also received a couple of runners-up gongs before the end of the 90s. You should first feel the soothing indica effects, but eventually, you will feel invigorated and sociable.

Arguments with family don’t need to be an inevitable consequence of the holiday period. When you smoke Bubble Gum, you can feel relaxed, chatty, and extremely positive. This reduces the risk of a family falling out.

Bubble Gum has a creamy taste, and you will adore the fruity flavors. It is an extremely popular strain in the medical field. Patients with chronic stress, chronic pain, and anxiety often use it, for example. It is also potentially useful if you suffer from back pains, headaches, muscle spasms, or migraines.

Final Thoughts on Holiday Season Marijuana Strains

The holiday season is always lurking around the corner (judging by the decorations, it began months ago!) You must have a plan to help you get through the more monotonous and stressful aspects of it.

Although you can’t choose your family, you can choose how you want to deal with them.

Rather than seeking confrontation this festive season, use one of the five marijuana strains outlined above. They could help you chill out, stay sociable, and remove the possibility of arguments. After all, the holiday season is supposed to be a time of cheer. It is a celebration, and with the right weed, that’s precisely what it can become.

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