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Berry White  strain is the offspring of parents of near-celebrity status in the cannabis world, and is famous in its own right for effects that offer shelter from stress and a sturdy sense of euphoria.

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About Berry White strain

A clever play on words isn’t all that this  berry white strain insinuates. Aptly named for its smooth smokability and rich dark berry flavors, Berry White is a celebrity strain born of two ultra famous parents: Blueberry and White Widow. Green Beanz Seedz out of Colorado has created a pure indica strain that has evenly balanced effects in both body and mind without inducing the heavy couch lock that many indicas have a tendency to do.

With somewhat of a range in THC levels, anywhere from 19% to 25%, Berry White strain can be a bit strong for the inexperienced user depending on how it was bred. Though in any case, the effects remain pretty much the same, just the severity varies. The flavors and aromas, however, remain consistently blueberry, piney, and floral with hints of sour lemon and unripe berries. The buds are large and popcorn-shaped with light olive and deep blue as the base colors.

Breeding causes some variation in color ranging from totally blue to richly purple, but always with bright orange hairs and a thick layer of crystal trichomes for contrast.

In spite of its purely indica roots, Berry White strain tends to be influenced by both indica and sativa and thus gives off effects that are more similar to a hybrid than a pure strain. The mindful nature of this strain offers complete euphoria while relaxing the body and soothing down your muscles.

After the initial head rush, a warm tingle fills the body, easing you into a meditative state and allowing for the stimulants of the strain to kick in. This induces a bit of creativity and more often than not, the munchies. The smoothness of the strain makes it painfully easy to smoke to excess, so be warned that higher doses will have those light feelings of laziness turn into full-blown sleep.

Medical patients love Berry White for its healing properties, namely the ability to combat insomnia and chronic pain. The sedative properties in the strain give it the perfect punch to tackle even the most stubborn aches and let you feel restful at a time where your brain may normally keep you up.

For mental health issues, Berry White is a great strain for treating symptoms of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and even minor cases of PTSD.

Berry White strain is an indoor-outdoor strain that has an unspecified flowering time with some users reporting a shorter period of around 7 weeks and others saying it is a long show of patience and closer to 10 weeks. Though this male grows fine outside, your best bet is to stick with a greenhouse as it tends to do better in controlled environments.

Your yields will be average and the dankness of the bud might mean you’ll need some smell proofing.

Blue Widow, Berry White , or White Berry strain?

Stemming from legendary genetics, the Berry White strain (aka White Berry, Blue Widow) is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is often applauded for is subtle berry terpene profile and mellowing effects.

Berry White Strain: Blueberry X White Widow

The Berry White strain is commonly referred to as Blue Widow or even White Berry depending on the grower and what seeds they used when growing the cannabis. This specific batch came to us labeled by the dispensary as Berry White strain.

Because there are three different names for the combination of the Blueberry (Indica) and White Widow (Hybrid) strains, it can be can be difficult for patients to know what the difference is, or if there is any difference at all.

However, it should be noted that the name itself means nothing. What’s more important is that your cannabis is lab tested so that you can keep track of cannabinoid and terpene profiles that best suit your individual needs.

Blue Widow, Berry White, or White Berry?

How Will The Berry White Strain Affect Me?

I came across this batch of Berry White strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA, and I was immediately intrigued by the colorful flowers. This batch had a slight blue tint, and was covered with a healthy dose of crystal-white trichomes, orange hairs.

“Small quantities of Berry White strain seemed to affect my head almost exclusively, making me think it has a lot of Sativa influence.”

The effects I experienced with this batch were strain are a bit complex. What I mean by this is that medicating in small quantities of Berry White seemed to affect my head almost exclusively, making me think this cut has a lot of Sativa influence. Larger quantities, however, brought about a prolonged full-body melt that reached its peak after about 1 hour. It was accompanied by a much stronger mind-warp, sure to leave me in a daze each time and every time.

Although the Berry White strain may not be the best choice for those in need of chronic pain relief, it could be ideal for those in search of relief from minor aches and muscle tension. Further, it may be beneficial in treating anxiety, providing relief for migraine headaches, and managing stress.

Blue Widow, Berry White, or White Berry?


Berry White strain is the result of the crossing of the Blueberry strain with the White Widow strain. It tastes like blueberries and pine trees, and is a bit sour on exhale, so it’s ultra unique and refreshing on the taste buds. This strain offers a happy and uplifting high, so if you’ve been having the blues, Berry White is here to pick you up.

This comically named hybrid strain owes its name as much to its lineage as it does to the legendary soul singer Barry White. Funnily enough, this strain came about accidentally. Cannabis breeders at Green Beanz Seedz in Colorado only intended this strain to be a stepping stone in a much larger project, but were so impressed by the results that it became a strain in its own right.

What Is the Berry White Strain?

Berry White strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain which is the result of crossing the indica strain Blueberry with a hybrid strain White Widow, hence the name Berry White. It is quite a potent strain, with THC levels ranging between 19-25% and generally averaging around the 22% mark. This makes it perhaps more suitable for a seasoned cannabis smoker rather than a novice. Its high THC level is offset by a CBD level of approximately 0.1%.

Berry White’s effects are what you would expect from an indica-dominant hybrid. Smokers of Berry White strain weed rave about its indica effects, which deeply relaxes both body and mind, making it a great choice for those who just want to kick back and relax. As Berry White is a hybrid, smokers also receive the welcome positive effects of its sativa genetics, which leave smokers of this strain feeling uplifted, happy and euphoric.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

berry white strain

Berry White strain fragrance is a rich combination of blueberries mixed in with sweet, sour and earthy aromas. Smokers of Berry White describe its taste as a strong blend of blueberries and unripe berries, with notable sweet, sour and spicy flavors added into the mix. These flavors, as well as its earthy pine and floral flavors, make Berry White a treat for the taste buds.

Appearance wise Berry White is a medium-sized cannabis plant when fully grown, with large buds which are bluish in color but can even turn a purple color depending on the individual plant. Berry White plants produce a dense coating of trichomes with bright orange pistils growing around the leaves.

Berry White Strain Grow Info

Berry White strain  is generally considered to be a relatively easy strain to grow for a number of reasons. It is naturally highly resistant to mold and mildew, which means that humidity levels while growing aren’t as much of a concern with this strain. Berry White grows well with just moderate feeding, making it a fairly low maintenance plant to grow.

A Berry White strain  plant is naturally quite compact and doesn’t require much pruning in order to keep it under control. Training the plant and removing the lower foliage will help provide more energy to the buds and will boost the overall yield.

You can grow your Berry White seeds either hydroponically or in soil. Growers using the hydroponic method find that it helps with resin production, while growing the seeds in soil is said to maximize the plant’s blueberry flavor and aroma.

For those growing outdoors, Berry White  strain thrives in a warm, dry, sunny climate. The optimal temperature range for this particular plant is between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The flowering period of a Berry White plant is short, between 7-8 weeks.

The average yield from a Berry White plant grown outdoors is around 18 ounces per square meter with early October being the ideal time for harvesting. Those growing their Berry White plant indoors can expect an average yield of around 16 ounces per square meter.

Medical Benefits of the Berry White Strain

Berry White’s relaxing effects make it a great treatment for both stress and anxiety. Its ability to calm an overactive mind and create a deeply relaxed feeling throughout the body makes it a helpful antidote for those suffering from insomnia.

The positive, uplifting effect smoking Berry White has on one’s mood makes it a good strain for people with mood disorders such as depression. Berry White can also be useful as a treatment for moderate pain levels, as well as a treatment for migraines and muscular pain. Smokers of Berry White rate its use as an antiemetic as only average, and say that it only moderately increases appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Berry White Strain

The number one side effect associated with Berry White is a dry mouth, with smokers rating it at ten out of ten in terms of severity. The next highest rated negative effect is dry eyes, with smokers rating it a seven out of ten. While smoking Berry White weed will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, it is not known for the producing the negative couch-lock effect of some other strains.

As Berry White has quite a high THC level (averaging around 22%, but it can be as high as 25%), more novice smokers have found this particular strain too strong, experiencing dizziness, as well as increased anxiety and paranoia. This one may be more suitable for a more experienced cannabis smoker.

Final Thoughts on the Berry White Strain

Berry White is a good choice for a more seasoned cannabis smoker due to its potency. Its effects are beneficial for both recreational and medicinal cannabis smokers due to its relaxing properties combined with its effectiveness at boosting mood and alleviating stress and anxiety.

Berry White may be a strain for the novice grower to try their hand at cultivating, with its grow difficulty being rated as easy. Berry White’s shorter than average flowering period will mean that you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner, too.


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